Stay focused, Stay disciplined, and Stay healthy on the go!


Juice Now believes in building an easy to follow regimen for our customers that will help remove toxins and impurities daily. WE WANT ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS TO UNDERSTAND WITH COMMITING TO ONE OF OUR CLEASNSES IT IS NOT JUST A FEW DAYS OF DRINKING JUICE AND GOING BACK TO YOUR OLD ROUTINE.. Not at all!! We want you to walk away from your cleanse with a changed mindset, spiritual clarity and the feeling of accomplishment. Making the decision to Detox is a major commitment. We are firm with customers wanting to cleanse. Before you commit yourself financially we want to be certain that you are mentally prepared. At juice now we know that if you are disciplined enough to change your mindset then everything else will follow.

We use a holistic approach in detoxing. You will find that our Detox packages are different from your standard Detox. We incorporate a variety of vegetables, herbs, a minimal of fruits, and more.. We believe with fasting we give our bodies a much needed break!

10 Reasons To Cleanse:

* It’s an effective way to reset the metabolism

* Gentle method to give your digestion a much needed rest

* Heavy metal and toxin removal

* Organ purge to improve functionality

* Natural energy boost

* Weight loss

* Fluid retention

* Rehydrate the Skin

* Mental and spiritual clarity

* Will show you how disciplined you can be

Remember everyone’s experience will be different! The most important thing is to listen to your body and enjoy this time that you have committed to self improvement.

Our Three Cleanse Levels are:

Just Getting Started

This package is for our customers that have never cleansed before. This cleanse is for those that want improve their health, but are not yet ready for some of the more intense juices. This package is structured for our first timers helping them adjust gently to their new lifestyle.

Aint No Stopping Us Now

This is for those that have already started maybe they have already completed a 1-3 day Detox before. They are looking to increase length of their package and intensity level. This package is for those looking to incorporate a routine cleansing regimen.

We Are The Champions

This is for our pros. They have completed a few detoxes. Juicing is a part of their routine and they are looking to kick it up a notch. Going after the more intense juices. Looking to complete a lengthy fast. This is designed for our extremist that wants to challenge themselves to the max!