Staying Healthy on the Go!

We understand how busy and hectic life gets. Our health can sometimes take a back burner to eating well due to our busy schedules. We deliver, curbside service, order ahead, healthy catering .

The mission of Juice Now is to promote holistic health and community wellness by providing natural juice and smoothie , and detox products along with health education and employment opportunities.

Our vision is to use fruits and vegetables (locally grown as much as possible) to create healthy juices and smoothies that are both delicious and packed with nutrition. Our juices and smoothies will allow customers to consume beneficial nutrients in a concentrated form which will positively impact their health. We see the bigger picture. Knowing that we can all be healthy as long as we are willing to work effortlessly one day at a time. We want to help our customers understand it is natural to have cravings and we should not feel guilty about that. To live a life where making the right decision out ways the bad!